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Defining Directives (Custom) in Angular JS Application

Directives are the most powerful AngularJS feature because they extend and enhance HTML to create rich web applications. There are lots of features to like in AngularJS, but directives are the most enjoyable and flexible to create. We have already discussed about the built-in directives that come with AngularJS, but we can also create our own custom directives when the built-in ones don’t meet your needs. We can create custom directives via the Module.directive method. You can see a simple example of a custom directive below. [Continue Reading]

Concepts while working with Angular JS Application

AngularJS applications follow the MVC pattern. But while developing Angular JS Application it requires a wide range of building blocks. There are, of course, the headline building blocks—the model, the views, and the controllers—but there are lots of other moving parts in an AngularJS app as well while developing Angular JS application which includes modules, directives, filters, factories, and services. During development you use these smaller components to flesh out the bigger MVC pattern. [Continue Reading]

Understanding AngularJS Directives with example

AngularJS lets you extend HTML with new attributes called Directives. These are special attributes starting with ng- prefix. In this article we will learn about ng-app, ng-init, ng-model and ng-repeat. Following are the brief introductions of all these directives. [Continue Reading]