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Working with Modules in Angular JS Application

AngularJS Application without using the reference modules, but this is not recommend doing so because simple applications Become complex applications over time, and you’ll just end up having to rewrite the application when it becomes Unmanageable. Working with modules is easy, and the handful of additional JavaScript statements that you need to set up and manage modules in your Angular JS Application is very important. Angular JS Modules have three main roles in an AngularJS Application [Continue Reading]

Concepts while working with Angular JS Application

AngularJS applications follow the MVC pattern. But while developing Angular JS Application it requires a wide range of building blocks. There are, of course, the headline building blocks—the model, the views, and the controllers—but there are lots of other moving parts in an AngularJS app as well while developing Angular JS application which includes modules, directives, filters, factories, and services. During development you use these smaller components to flesh out the bigger MVC pattern. [Continue Reading]