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ASP.NET MVC Overview

MVC is acronym of Model – View – Controller, is a software design pattern, which divide software application in to three major interconnected parts.

  1. Model- It is a class which is used to show or update view by using business logic. It is also used to validate user input. e.g. Employee, Student, etc. 
  2. View – It is responsible to interact with users, it is the component that display the application to users. E.g. Textbox, Checkbox, etc. 
  3. Controller- It is responsible to accept the request from the view, works with the model and select the view to render to display the User Interface (UI).
 Following is the diagram representation of MVC flow. 

Summary: This article is only about overview of ASP.NET MVC. You can read more about Features of ASP.NET MVC and Model Binding in ASP.NET MVC with Example and also about ASPX and Razor View Engine and details about HTML Helpers in ASP.NET MVC. Hope, you would like this article.

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